About us


Our history

Fast Delivery was founded in 2016, when Hanin HADJEB, the CEO and founder of Fast Delivery, moved to New York in 2014 to attend college.

He started working as a rider to fund his studies and discovered to his surprise that all restaurants offered home delivery services.

From then on, he made it his mission to bring the cuisine of the best local restaurants directly to people’s homes.


Fast Delivery is on a mission to transform the eating habits of our customers. One of the key ingredients of our success is to offer the most qualitative selection of restaurants to order your food. You want a sushi box for dinner, a salad for lunch or a pastry box for breakfast? Everything is possible.


By constantly seeking to develop and offer new innovations, we offer both the best choice and the best service. Our goal is to bring quality food directly to our customers as quickly as possible, in most cases in less than 50 minutes.