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Our application allows you to introduce your brand to new customers.

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Our platform helps you open a new sales channel to get more orders.

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Fast Delivery ensures that your customers receive their products 30 to 40 minutes after ordering.

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A strong

Thousands of users are likely to be looking for a restaurant in your area.

By integrating with our app, we help you meet their demand.


With a reliable delivery service provided by partners using the our platform, all of your customers will enjoy their favorite food whenever and wherever they want.

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Don’t worry about your new orders: you have our partner application, with flexible integration options and support chat when needed.

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Fast Delivery is an online delivery platform (website and web application) that connects customers with businesses that want to extend their offering beyond the doors of their establishment and sell online.

Registering your company on our application is very simple. You just have to fill in the form at the top of the page.

Your restaurant can usually be online with Fast Delivery within 3 business days if you send us all the information and documents we request (you can do it all online, quickly and securely) and you have signed your contract.

We will give you access to our dedicated partner application.

Yes, if you have your own delivery service, you can use our plateform, the difference is that we help you sell and you take over the entire order management.